Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 312 Menu

Good morning, everyone! Here are two things that are on my mind today...these oatmeal cookies that we made yesterday and getting steps on my FitBit. Kind of contradictory, I know. :) I'm pretending that oatmeal cookies are an acceptable form of breakfast. And I'm super excited to have a FitBit. I've had one for a week and have loved seeing my steps (or lack of, at least Sunday was very restful, I guess).  (Do you FitBit?  We should be FitBit friends!)

How was your weekend?  Ours was busy, but good.  We finished up my son's basketball season, went to a birthday party, cleaned lots of our really yucky windows, and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  Yesterday I spoke in church and am really glad that it's over.  :)  It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.  I was the last speaker and somehow filled almost all the time leftover.  I talked about Come Unto Christ and I listened to this song over and over while I planned my talk.  Now it's stuck in my head, which is probably a good thing.  

I'm excited for this week.  Nothing too exciting or big going on, just beautiful weather, time with the kids, doing my taxes, heading to the DMV (wish me luck), no sports practices, etc.  And I'm trying to teach my two year old not to push his dumptruck down the stairs since it's too big for him to carry it. 

One more thing to share...pretty exciting.  One of my favorite people, wrote a book, Light of the Candle (which is fabulous!).  There's a giveaway going on now where she's giving away FIVE copies of her book.  You should enter!  And read it!  

Menu time...

Monday: taco salad

Tuesday: Asian BBQ chicken, whole wheat cous cous, veggies

Wednesday: lasagna, the best french bread

Friday:  Blue and Gold Banquet (taking southwest pasta salad to share)

Sunday:  chicken pot pie (my daughter has been begging me to make it)

What are you making this week?  I love it when you share!


Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 311 Menu

Hi guys!  How was your weekend?  I guess it's not over for everyone, because of President's Day today.  I'm happy to have my kids home from school today.  Hopefully we can get the house tidied and some big homework projects done, then we can play!

How was your Valentine's Day?  We celebrated by having a few giggly fifth grade girls over for a make-your-own pizza night.  (Forgive the "action" cell phone shot.  Someday I'll get out my big camera...)
I posted a little about our v-day on facebook and instagram.  We made my favorite recipe of peanut butter cookies (my grandma's recipe) and topped them with dove heart chocolates.  Holy cow, so good!  And a little addictive too.  It's probably good that they're gone, so I don't have to finish them off.  :)

I've been doing pretty well at sticking to my menu the last few weeks.  It's been so nice to have a plan and it's helped me not have to run to the grocery store every day!

Menu time...

Monday:  broiled parmesan tilapiasimple orzo pilaf

Tuesday: sausage and potatoes

Wednesday: soup and salad (baked potato soup)

Thursday: hamburgers and baked fries

Friday: slow cooker kalua pork and coconut rice

Saturday: breakfast for dinner or leftovers

Sunday: bistro chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, one hour rolls

What are you making this week?  I love it when you share!  Have a great day.  :)

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Kids Valentines 2015

The last few years my kids and I have tried to be creative and make fun valentines instead of buying them.  I blame this on Pinterest!  Everyone was happy with buying a box of valentines, but now we all get to be creative.  :)  I actually do really enjoy it.  It's kind of fun and my kids love planning and making them with me.

Last year we made rubber band bracelets for everyone in my kids' classes.  That was a lot of bracelets!  I blogged about last year here and here.

A few years before that we did this lollipop valentine.

I was just going through some pictures of the past valentine's day and I just found this picture from 2011.  Holy cow, kids are growing so fast.  Slow down, please!

Can you believe that this little 1st grader is now a 5th grader that made all the kids in her class duct tape bookmarks this year?
I bought a bunch of light sticks from amazon to use for the boys' valentines.  I didn't consult my 3rd grader.  When we finally got around to making his valentines he would have preferred to do some kind of a Seattle Seahawks theme.  Instead, he humored me and went with a Star Wars theme.  There are lots of cute glow stick valentine ideas but too lovely dovey for a 3rd grade boy.

We found this on pinterest, printed it, cut it out and stuck the light stick in it.  Easy peasy.

 My kindergartener's valentines were most fun for me to make.  He was Yoda for Halloween last year, so I made a photo collage valentine and printed it at Costco.  All we had to do was tape glow sticks on top of the lightsaber in the picture.

Still haven't figured out what we're doing for actual Valentine's day tomorrow.  The kids have great expectations, but I usually come up with a plan the night before or early the morning of before the kids wake up.  It'll probably involve heart shaped pizza, little chocolate hearts on their pillows and maybe a small surprise.  

I'm excited to live so close to the temple and am going to try to go to an early session.  What a perfect way to start a long weekend!  

I'd love to hear about your v-day plans!  Have a great one, friends!


Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 310 Menu

I'm loving these sugar cookies that my daughter made last night.  It's so fun to watch her bake things on her own.

Can you believe it's almost Valentine's Day?  I'm still thinking that it's January.  I'm loving that things are starting to settle down at our house.  Every day I get a little more organized and a little more settled.

I think the things that really make us feel more at home are having people in our home.  I'm loving having neighbors come over to say hi and introduce themselves.  I'm loving that my kids can go outside and play with neighbor kids.  I love that I recognize people at church and am getting to know lots of them better.  Good stuff!

I'll have to post my favorite Valentine traditions and recipes later.  I don't get around to it, you can find what I posted last year (think fruit pizza, heart shaped cinnamon rolls, etc. as well as a little about what I like to do to make it a fun day for my kids.)

Menu time:

Monday:  steak fajitas

Tuesday:  spaghetti with fresh whole wheat bread

Wednesday: Swedish meatballs, steamed potatoes, IKEA gravy, lingonberry, etc.

Thursday: baked potato soup with cornbread

Friday: broiled parmesan tilapia, simple orzo pilaf

Saturday: heart shaped homemade pizza

Sunday:  trying my favorite honey lime enchiladas but with pork instead

What are you making this week?  And, do you have any fun Valentine traditions at your house?  Feel free to share.  I love it when you do!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Week 309 Menu

Hi guys!  I actually planned my menu this week and have been sticking to it!  It's a great feeling finally having the kitchen stocked well enough, so when I make dinner I have everything I need.  No more making taco soup and not having any corn, etc.

We're trying to adjust to the weather here.  It's a bit different than bright blue New Mexico skies, even in the winter.  We've had lots and lots of gray days, some rain and some fog.  It's been rainy since Sunday and no sun in sight, so I'm trying to stay optimistic.  :)

Here's a view for you out my computer room window looking into the backyard.

Here's my positive thoughts about the weather...
The fog on the top of the hill behind our house looks cool.
Our grass is greening up.
It's not as cold as we're used to for February.
No need to pray for moisture.  :)
I might need to go shopping for cute rainboots.
You don't have to shovel rain.
I don't need to wear sunglasses.

Great, huh?  For those of you that live in gray, wintery places, what do you like to do to make your days a little brighter?  I feel like baking and eating (and also like taking a nap and not exercising, which isn't very good).

All time.

Monday:  we had beef stroganoff and yummy, yummy whole wheat bread

Tuesday:  we had white chicken chili

Wednesday:  Swedish meatballs, steamed potatoes, IKEA gravy, lingonberry, etc.

Thursday:  parmesan chicken and smashed potatoes

Friday:  meatball sandwiches

Saturday:  orange chicken 

Sunday:  pulled pork sandwiches topped with coleslaw

What are you making this week?  (Or what have you eaten for dinner so far this week?)  I love it when you share!  Have a great day!

P.S.  I've been posting on instagram and my blog facebook page every few days if you want more pictures.  :)

Friday, January 30, 2015

Bits & Pieces 15th Edition: Not in New Mexico Anymore

Hi guys!  Happy Friday!  I thought I'd do a really quick Bits and Pieces post.

First things first.  Can we talk about the Seahawks?  Holy cow!  It's crazy to live in a place where people actually care about sports and are passionate about their team and we live four hours from Seattle!  It's especially weird since I just moved from a town of scientist and engineers who for the most part aren't really sporty.  I love running errands around town and seeing everyone in their Seahawks gear, especially the cute great-grandma and grandpa age people!
I pass this sign at least four times a day.  I love the Seahawk pride!

I made our favorite chocolate chip cookies this week.  They didn't work out the best.  I seriously can't get used to my new oven.  I can't burn the bottom of cookies!  I've had a gas oven for the last six years and switching to a smaller electric oven is not going so well for me.  And the altitude change from 7400 ft to 550 is messing me up too.

I also made our favorite whole wheat bread this week too.  And I can't wait to make more!  It's still as easy, fast and super soft as it was last time I made it.  My kids are whining because I was nice and bought WHITE Grandma Sycamore bread for a few weeks and they don't want to eat wheat bread.  But they also whine about other food that I think is pretty yummy, like homemade noodles.  Seriously...crazy kids!

Alrighty...have a great weekend!  I've got to tackle the boxes in the basement!  And go HAWKS!