Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 316 Menu

Hi guys!  Did you have a great weekend?  Ours was busy, but fun.  Yesterday was a much needed "day of rest".  After church we watched The Sound of Music as a family.  My kiddos had never seen it, and now we're all singing "Do Re Mi."  (And to my FitBit step counting friends, I only got 6,897 steps all time low.  Kind of nice and relaxing!)

I'm excited for this week, because my sister and her kiddos are coming to visit!  I'm super excited to see them and to have our first house guests.  Then we kick off spring break this weekend.  Can't wait!  First we have to survive some major after school craziness.  :)

My kids had last Friday off from school, so we went on a hike together.  Now they can't wait to take their cousins on it.  (And I got a ton of FitBit stairs from it too.)

Menu time...

Monday:  chicken tetrazinni

Wednesday:  drip beef sandwiches

Thursday:  pork honey lime enchiladas

Friday:  pizza

Saturday:  dinner before the General Women's broadcast with my daughter.  I'm looking forward to it!  She is too!  

What's on your menu this week?  I love hearing what you're making.  Gives me inspiration.  :)  

Did you see my post about FitBit last week?  I'm still loving it.  Got a little competitive on the last day of the challenge I was doing with my friends on Friday.  Felt good!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I'm a FitBit Fan!

Hi guys!  Have you noticed in the last month that I've talked about my FitBit quite a lot?  Well, I've been talking about it a lot because I really love it!  I love it so much that I thought I'd tell you why.

My husband and I had talked about getting FitBits for each other for Christmas, but ended up not getting them in the moving craziness.  And I had thought that it would be fun to have one, but not necessary.  I hadn't given FitBits another thought since Christmas.

Then on Valentine's Day, my hubby surprised me with a FitBit charge.  (Maybe he was tired of hearing me complain about the few pounds that I've gained since we've moved...darn stress snacking caught up to me!)

He got me this FitBit Charge, size small.  He got it at Walmart, but I've seen them at Costco and on Amazon for a little less than he paid.
Let me tell you why I love it...

1.  It keeps me motivated!  This was a screenshot from my FitBit app on my phone yesterday...
I've always been pretty good at exercising regularly, but actually seeing how many steps I'm taking and comparing them day by day has been eye opening.  

My step goal is 15,000 steps per day and I usually pass it by a few thousand steps, except on Sunday.  Sundays are really a day of rest for me I guess, and unless we go on a walk before or after church, I don't get many steps at all.  

Yesterday I only had time to run two miles before my kids woke up, then I ran and speedwalked around my basement for a while while my little guy played.  And I ran up and down my stairs a few times...not 71 times in a row though.  :)  My active minutes were higher than normal yesterday because of reason #2 (challenges).

2.  Challenges! 

I've been doing Workweek Challenges with some friends and their friends each week since I got my FitBit and it's been so fun!  Holy cow, the competiveness comes out of these sweet ladies and we end up stepping way more than usual to not end up last in the challenge.  
As you can see my sweet friend, Teri, as always is ahead of me!
You can comment to each other in the challenge and it's been a fun way to keep in touch with friends that I miss in New Mexico and also get back in touch with friends I haven't seen in years!  

3.  The FitBit itself...  

The TIME.  The display on the FitBit shows the time when you double tap it, or click on the button on the side.  I don't wear my watch anymore, and I miss being able to see the time without clicking on anything.

ALARMS.  You can set alarms on your FitBit app and then the alarm on your FitBit goes off by vibrating.  I've always had a hard time with alarms.  I sleep through them, or turn them off in my sleep.  But this alarm on my wrist isn't annoying, just two short vibrates and a long vibrate over and over.  It has helped me get up so much easier!  

The DISPLAY.  You can easily see how many steps you've taken, miles you've gone, calories you've burned and floors you've climbed by pushing the button on the side of the FitBit.  

CALLER ID.  If you turn Bluetooth on on your phone, you can have your FitBit notify you when someone is calling.  Your FitBIt vibrates and shows the name and number of the caller.  I love this because I hate having my phone on my all the time when I'm at home, so I love still being notified if someone is calling.  We don't have a landline, so I don't want to miss any calls on my phone because it's not right by me  

4.  Tracks my sleep.  I love being able to see my sleep patterns.  Most nights I sleep pretty well, but last night on the other hand I guess I was a little restless.  And I didn't go to bed early enough.  Ugh!

5.  Track your FOOD and WATER intake.  I haven't done this as often I should.  Counting calories kind of stresses me out, mostly when it gets to dinner time and I don't want to take the time to figure out how many calories I've eaten.  It's not that bad though, since the app helps you figure it out.  I'm just lazy I guess.  

There are lots of other reasons why I love my FitBit, but these are the main reasons.  I'm really glad that I have one and I think I'm addicted!  

What about you?  Do you have one?  Do you want one?  If you have one, what are your favorite features that I haven't figured out yet.  Happy stepping!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day Last Minute Style

St. Patrick's Day is one of those holidays that I think are fun, but don't put a lot of effort into beforehand.  Although when I look Pinterest I see lots of things that would be really fun to do with the kids, but somehow I never get around to them.  

My kids aren't a fan of spinach flavored eggs or pancakes that are dyed green with food coloring, so we kept it simple and had regular cereal for breakfast.  We didn't have any leprechan traps set up or any decorations to celebrate.  And we weren't planning on having corned beef and cabbage for dinner.  My husband isn't a fan and I've never tried it.  Maybe someday when everyone at my house isn't so picky.  I guess it's obvious that I'm not Irish.  Ha!

Today I figured that we'd be doing well by just everyone going to school wearing a little bit of green.  Easy peasy!  Although I did have to explain to my kindergartener why he should wear green (so his big brother wouldn't pinch him first thing in the morning...good thing his pjs had green on them.)

Then I decided to be adventurous and make my little guy and I a green smoothie.  

I had a half hour by myself while the kids were at practices, so I decided to make a little menu so they'd know what's for dinner.  (I ate dinner at the church at a Relief Society activity.)

Notice the little picture of the dessert?  It's my quicky quick drawing of this...
I had seen my friend Julia's post about the fruit rainbow that she makes for her kids every St. Patrick's day, complete with a pot of gold (Rolos).  Little did I know that Rolos don't all come individually wrapped.  Thus the sticks of rolos in the "pot".  Luckily I bought some Werther's today on a whim while I was out shopping today. kids were happy when I got home from the activity.  One of them even told me that I was a good artist.  Sweet!  I haven't drawn a rainbow in years!  

How about you?  Do you go all out for St. Patrick's Day?  I'd love more easy peasy, fun ideas!  

Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 315 Menu

Hi guys!  How's it going? 

 I'm pretty good, especially for a Monday.  I'm doing a FitBit challenge with some friends and their friends that starting this morning and holy cow, I'm already tired!  It's going to be a fun week!  They're really stepping it up like crazy.  

How was your weekend?  Too short?  Mine was!  

Here's a little picture of my littlest on Saturday.  He loves his vacuum attachment.  It doubles as a lawn mower and many other things.  :)

I have a ton to do today and I'm trying hard to not snack excessively today.  I've found that when I have a lot to do, I tend to oversnack on anything salty, crunchy or chocolatey that I can find.  Not a good combination.  I'm trying hard to overcome this.  Mind over stomach, right?  

If you have a favorite healthy snack or lunch, I'd love to hear about it.  :)  My new favorite is greek yogurt with honey.  Yum! 

All righty.  Menu time:

Monday:  Waikiki meatballs

Tuesday:  hot dogs or brats

Wednesday:  chicken tortilla soup

Saturday:  white chicken chili and cornbread

Sunday:  Dr. Pepper Pork, roasted potatoes, etc.

What are you making this week?  Thanks to those sweet Baker gals for sharing their menus last week.  :)


Saturday, March 14, 2015

It's 3.1415, so eat Pie!

Hi everyone!  Happy Pi Day!  We just moved from a town where Pi Day was very important, since lots of scientists lived there.  We celebrate every year by making and eating lots of pie!

Today is even more exciting because it's March 14, 2015, which are the first five digits of pi.  And if you eat pie at 9:26 (am or pm) you carry the digits out three more numbers!  Thanks to my sweet friend, Julia, for mentioning that on her blog post about a super yummy looking chocolate cream pie.

i can't decide if we're going to have peach pie (here on the blog)....

or our favorite banana cream pie (vanilla cream pie topped with bananas for the banana lovers in my family)...

I usually make chicken pot pie for dinner on Pi Day too, but we have an afternoon full of baseball and a birthday party to get to, so probably not going to happen.

What about you?  Do you celebrate Pi Day?  Or is it just a holiday for nerdy people that like pie?  What kind of pie is your favorite?  Should I make peach or banana cream?  

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Week 314 Menu: and a little peek at what we've been up to

Phew, it's not Thursday yet... Not quite.  If I post my menu on Thursday then it means that I'm really not with it.  :)  Wednesday night is totally fine.  I like posting on Monday, but sometimes the week gets away too fast.

Here's a few things that we've been doing lately:
1.  Playing in the mud and watering the "baby" flowers.
2.  Cleaning up a huge pile of leaves.  Our yard is huge and needs lots of cleaning up from winter (and previous owners).
3.  Being on national TV during the Jazz game. #jazztv
4.  Watching choo choos from our front yard.
5.  Holding hands and not fighting long enough for me to take a picture.
6.  Trying out our new curling wand.  I'm probably the last person to get one of them, but it's pretty fun.  This is as curly as my hair has ever been...don't know why I have stick straight hair while my mom and sisters have curly.  :)
7.  Munching on popcorn.  (Have I mentioned that these boys are busy?)
8.  Making homemade bread that no one wants to eat.  They'll take Grandma Sycamore's White Bread any day.  :)

Baseball started this week, so with three practices, two games, scouts, activity days, a chorus concert, volunteering in the classroom, finally doing our taxes and attempting to finish the laundry, it's been a little busy.  It'll get busier next week when the other two kids start activites.  Can't wait!  :)  Bring on the freezer meals. time:

Monday:  we had friends over for dinner...we had Swedish meatballs, steamed potatoes, cream gravy, salad, cloud light crescent rolls

Tuesday:  we had leftover meatballs

Wednesday:  BBQ chicken pizza and pepperoni pizza

Thursday:  dan dan noodles

Friday:  easy night

Saturday:  Chinese chicken salad

Sunday:  to be determined as a family (to cut down on the complaining)

What are you having this week?  Or what have you eaten so far?  Feel free to share, even if it's cereal, leftovers or breakfast for dinner (my favorite meals!).