Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Simple Coconut Rice

This is seriously might be the easiest rice dish ever.  My favorite kind:  simple and yummy!

There might be more complicated ways to make coconut rice, but this is my favorite way.  And it's simple.  Just involves a little opening and dumping.  Easy peasy.

I just sub a can of coconut milk for some of the water when I'm making this rice.  I don't make rice on the stovetop anymore, because I use my rice cooker.  But you could make it on the stovetop just the same as you usually do.

I love to make this in my rice cooker, because I can set the delay timer on it, so it will be ready when I am.

Serve with slow cooker kalua pork and fresh pineapple or mango.  Dinner in a flash!

Here's the recipe (or rather the method):

Simple Coconut Rice 
printable recipe
  • 1 cup jasmine rice
  • 1 can coconut milk
  • water (add enough water for total liquid (water + milk) to equal 2 1/2 cups)
  • salt and pepper
  1. For rice cooker: mix together rice and coconut milk and water. Sprinkle with a little salt and pepper. Cook according to rice cooker directions.
  2. Stovetop: make according to rice package directions except subbing coconut milk for some of the water.
Makes about 2 1/2 cups cooked rice.

Slow Cooker Kalua Pork

I don't know about you, but I am LOVING when I find a recipe that is simple, made in the crockpot, and is still yummy.  This kalua pork is all of those things.  And my family likes it.  Score!

It has three ingredients:  pork, liquid smoke, and salt.  That's it!  Drop the pork into the slow cooker, sprinkle some liquid smoke over and it and sprinkle some salt onto it.  Put the lid on and turn on the slow cooker and you have dinner 7 hours later.

It's not the "official" way to make kalua pork, but it still tastes really good.  I don't even use Hawaiian sea salt, so I guess it's not really Hawaiian pork.  But I'll call it Kalua pork anyway...

This is a favorite recipe to make on Sundays, so it can slow cook while we're at church all morning.

I like to serve it with Simple Coconut Rice.  So simple!  Just sub a can of coconut rice in for some of the water when you cook your rice.  I throw it in my rice cooker and set the timer on it so it's done when we'll be ready to eat.Serve it with a veggie and some fruit (pineapple or mangos are fabulous and very Hawaiian).
We usually have leftover pork and rice, so we use them to make delicious pork tacos the next night.

Here's the recipe...

Slow Cooker Kalua Pork

  •  Pork Roast (can use bone-in, boneless, or even thick pork chops)
  • 1 T. or more liquid smoke
  • Hawaiian sea salt (or regular sea salt)
  1. Rinse pork and pat dry with paper towels.
  2. Prick pork with a fork. Sprinkle liquid smoke onto pork and rub into the prick marks with your hands. 
  3. Sprinkle pork with salt.
  4. Place pork in slow cooker. Cook on low for 7 - 8 hours. Remove from slow cooker and shred. Drizzle a little bit of liquid from crockpot onto pork before serving.
Serve with:  simple coconut rice, fruit and a veggie.

Use leftover rice and pork to make delicious pork tacos the next night.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 292 Menu

This weekend was a fun one.  My husband took the two older kids hiking to the top of Wheeler Peak (the tallest mountain in New Mexico), so I got to hang out with my two youngest boys.

There was a science festival going on downtown,  so we checked it out and got to sit on this cool 3D-looking chalk art. 
On Saturday night we saw this unidentified object (a UFO) in the sky as the sun was setting.   
We looked at it under our binoculars and saw that it looked like a balloon.   I guess it was a weather balloon, which I had never heard of before. The sun was shining on it just right so we could see it. One of my sons thought it was an asteriod.  Thank goodness it wasn't.   

Here's a fun article about weather balloons.  How cool would it be to find one and get to mail it back to NOAA?

I looked out the window yesterday afternoon and saw my oldest and youngest like this.  
I love hearing my little guy say his siblings names and be so excited to play with them (most of the time).
Menu time for another week of soccer every night plus lots of other things going on.

Monday: french dip pitas

Tuesday: pork tacos

Thursday: chicken fingers, potato wedges, spinach salad

Friday:  chicken pot pie

Saturday: grill burgers and brats or some other kind of football food

Sunday: roast and potatoes

All righty...what are you making this week?


Friday, September 12, 2014

Bits and Pieces 8th Edition

It's Friday again!  I'm so happy to the weekend already here.

A few things to share today:

1.  I coached my first soccer game yesterday.  It was fun, but I can't even tell you how weird it is for kids (and parents) call me coach.  Only five more games to go.  I'm sure some of the dads were wonder why in the world I'm coaching.  And the reason is...that no one volunteered after being asked several times.  So, they get what they get.

2.  I posted this on instagram yesterday...
Everyone in my family gobbled these cinnamon rolls up.

3.  I think my family especially enjoyed their cinnamon rolls because apparently I made the "grossest dinner ever!"  I have to admit it wasn't very good.  I made a recipe from my Aunt Mitzi, who is a fabulous cook.   I used to make this chicken and rice bake growing up and it was good, but it wasn't good yesterday.  The rice was gobby and soggy and I'm not a fan of cream of mushroom soup anymore.  I made my kids eat one bite and then they found their own dinner.

I promised I wouldn't make it again.  I took pictures of it, but I already deleted them because they're not going to make it on the blog.

4.  Still super excited about my new recipe index.  I think my favorite part is the pictures, so I'm not just reading titles while I'm looking for something to make.

5.  I bought 30 lbs of peaches last week from Sprout's so I could bottle them.  However, they didn't really ripen and every peach I opened was brown and mealy looking inside.  Disappointing.  I'm hoping they give me a refund.  Wish I lived in Utah so I could get good peaches!

6.  I'm loving the cooler fall weather today.  Sometimes it feels really good to wear a sweatshirt.

All righty that's from me.  Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  What are you doing this weekend?
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Thursday, September 11, 2014

NEW on the blog: Recipe Index

Hi guys!  It's an exciting blogging day for me today.  It's the day I finally finished making a recipe index!

I've been wanting to make one forever, but there have always been other things to be done at home.  I took advantage of the quiet with my big kids in school and our major house projects being done.  I ignored the dishes and the laundry and made an index.

Just find the RECIPES tab and click on it.

Then you'll find a list (it might be a little long, I got carried away) of lots of categories of recipes.

Just click on one of them, like maybe APPETIZERS, DIPS, AND CHIPS...and it will take you to this.
There you'll find all of my favorite recipes for that category.  I went through all the recipes on my blog and only included the ones that I love and still make.  

So, that means that you have an organized list (with pictures) of my favorite recipes.  Yay!

Hopefully you'll forgive me for my amateur photography, especially in the early years of my blog (est. 2008).  I'd love to take some photography classes, but that will happen someday.

It was fun to go through all my recipes and remember them.  I was amazed at how many chocolate chip cookie recipes that I'd blogged about.  I deleted a few and left you my favorites.  

I think I have more cookie recipes than anything on the blog.  :)  Yum!

I have lots of plans for other indexes to make my blog more organized.  I know I have lots of posts floating around on my blog that I have forgotten about.

One more thing...I kept my Ultimate List of Dinner Ideas.  It has links to my recipes, links to other recipes that I like and names of meals that my family likes so I can look at it and get ideas for planning meals.  I refer to it all the time!

All righty then.  Enjoy the recipe index!  Thanks for being my blogging friend.  :)

I better go do the laundry.


Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 291 Menu

Happy Monday!  This weekend was one of the most relaxing we've had at our house in a while!  How was yours?
We had our first visit from a bear this year.  It knocked over our garbage can on Saturday night and ended up denting our new downspout with its paw.  I'm bummed that I didn't get to see it.  I heard the thump of the can getting knocked over but it was already gone by the time I looked out the window.  Bears make me nervous, but I figure if they're going to come hang out around my house I might as well get to see it.  I got to see one three years ago when we first moved into our house. 

I made some yummy peach crisp for dessert last night.  Can't wait to get more vanilla ice cream to top the leftovers with.  

This week is our first week of soccer every night of the week.  I'm going to have dinner prepped or ready before the kids get home from school.  If I don't, we end up eating cereal at 7:30 pm.   Not that there's anything wrong with cereal, but maybe we shouldn't eat it every night.

Monday: tinfoil dinners

Tuesday: chicken wraps

Wednesday: chicken and rice bake

Thursday: crockpot taco soup

Friday: Grandma J's pizza

Saturday: grilled burgers

Sunday:  crockpot fauxtisserie chicken, potatoes and gravy

What's on your menu this week?